Sometimes, when you are on the way to work or school, riding a public bus or subway train, you feel like your precious time goes nowhere. Staring at the walls or tired faces of people around might be interesting for a couple of minutes, but then your brain starts looking for something to stick to. You want to spend your time with use or at least… Have some fun instead of being extremely bored by this routine. There is a way out. You can play a cool puzzle game on your mobile phone or tablet and this will surely make your dullest hours of the day bright. You don’t have to wander across the web, trying to find an online puzzle that will cheer you up. We have already done everything instead of you! At this section, you will find a full collection of puzzles. All kinds of them are presented at one place, so you are welcome to choose the one you like and move to another one when you are done. The titles are free to play and you have an unlimited access to them, whenever you want to play one.

So, what kind of puzzles do you prefer? Is it a game, where you can test and improve your vocabulary? Then you can check word titles we have uploaded. The game will give you some hints and you will have to guess the hidden word. Maybe, you are found of quizzes? No problem, we have a plenty of them as well. Check your knowledge on different subjects and fill the gaps in it. Maybe, you like some classical puzzles, like crosswords and mahjong? Here you go! Different styles of both are uploaded here and these are the games you can play for an eternity. What about those amazing puzzles, where you have a ball or any other object to manipulate? The set of possible moves is limited, so you need to combine them wisely to make correct steps and move from level to level. Indeed, puzzle games can never make you bored, because they usually require you to perform the same repetitive actions, increasing the level of complexity.

Most puzzles don’t feature any stories and plots. They just set a task and your aim is to fulfill that task. When you make winning combinations, you receive bonus scores. The more scores you win, the better! Sometimes, they provide you with additional cool features, sometimes they simply make your name move higher on the board of competitors. Make new records and become a champion of puzzles! Also, these games rarely have memorable characters you can relate to, so the distractions are usually minimal. Your aim is to focus on the puzzles! However, some game developers can wrap everything into one game, including plot, heroes, and super-cool tasks all in one. We have this type of entertainments here as well. So wait no more – get into the fantastic worlds of incredible mysteries and solve them all! Improve your skills and move further to become a real master of the game. And remember – each title is at your disposal completely for free. Check this section regularly – we upload new popular games all the time.