The Sims series is undoubtedly one of the most addictive ever created! Indeed, in these games you can live a full life – communicate with people, develop skills, equip a house and have fun in the evenings in local institutions. It all starts with the creation of a character whose appearance you can completely determine for yourself – facial features, skin color, eyes and hair, hairstyle, type of figure and even clothes. But that’s not all! You need to choose the character traits of the future sim and the dream of a lifetime that he will strive for. Thus, you can create a whole family, including young children and pets. It remains to somehow name the heroes and choose a house for them in the city.

<strong>Start a whole new life online!</strong>

Once the sims settle on the site, they will be able to interact with each other and the surrounding world. The order of actions can be set independently or allow the characters to do what they like. Since your family needs to live on something, adults need to get a job. First, they will receive a penny, which is barely enough to pay bills. But don’t worry, the career at Sims is developing rapidly, so in a few weeks you can make repairs in the house and buy new things.

Sim children go to school every morning to receive grades on which their future will depend. Therefore, make sure that your children always do their homework and extra-curricular activities on time. At the same time, teens are much more freedom-loving than younger children, they have mood swings, during which they want to skip school or stay out late. By the way, for fulfilling desires, points of happiness are awarded for which you can buy one of the available bonuses – for example, increased charisma or an iron bladder, which will never make you run to the toilet at the most romantic moment of a date. The smallest children who have just recently been born should be looked after – bottle feed them in time, change diapers, play with them, learn to walk and read.

<strong>Go out, make friends, have fun!</strong>

Each character has several scales that affect his life satisfaction. In addition to basic needs such as food and sleep, this also includes communication and leisure, so socialization plays an important role in the life of every sim. When meeting and communicating with different people, you can find not only true friends, but also your soul mate. Relationships strengthen when you spend time with friends and begin to deteriorate when you do not see them for a long time, so if you have no way to get out with a company, find at least half an hour for a phone call. And finally, don’t forget about your hobby! Learn to draw, write books, or play some musical instrument. Finally, you can join the club life of the city, learn how to throw darts in the bar the best, or become a local smoothie. In Sims, you have almost unlimited possibilities for character development. Live a full life in this bright and exciting simulator that will bind you to the monitor for many hours!