Pop It games are online versions of popular anti stress toys that now can be enjoyed on your smartphone or computer! Here you will find a great number of colorful Pop Its, Simple Dimples and other toys of the kind and spend a great time blasting those vibrant circles and scoring points. Plus these games have been proven to have a relaxing effect which means they are good for relieving stress. Are you ready to start?

Pop Its are good for your psyche!

Recently, children and adolescents have got hooked up on a new hot entertainment. Fidget spinners and squishies are in the past, now bright rainbow simple dimples and pop-its rule. They are a plastic or rubber toys with hemispheres for pressing, which produces a clicking sound. New items are positioned as anti-stress toys. They were widely disseminated through the Tik-Tok social network, the main consumers of which are schoolchildren. But not only teens are fascinated with them – adults are big on Pop Its too. And psychologists have a reasonable explanation of why these toys and online games based on them are so popular.

The rhythm of modern life is quite fast and intense. A person of the present time is exposed to constant stress. This is ecology, and nutrition, and a sedentary lifestyle, chronic lack of sleep, as well as overpopulation of cities. All this together depletes the human psyche. Children and adolescents are most susceptible to stress, due to the immaturity of the nervous system, imperfect mechanisms of psychological defense. And here the variety of anti-stress toys available today will come to the rescue: spiners, slimes, squishies, simple dimples, pop-itts, and so on. The action of such toys helps to relax and escape from everyday worries, and in younger children it helps to improve fine motor skills. So you see, there is no harm in playing Pop Its. On the contrary, they can be quite soothing and useful for your psyche!

Just like the real thing!

So what does it look like to play Pop It games online? It’s nothing very different from the real toys. You see a number of colorful circles on the screen and have to click or tap on them to make them explode. They go off with the iconic sound that you can remember all the way back from the times people only had to pop bubble wrap. On smartphones, you can also configure tactile feedback to the tips of your fingers which will make it seem more like the real thing.

There are plenty of modes to enjoy in Pop It games. You can be challenged to pop only circles of a certain color without making a single mistakes. Or you can play against the timer and see how many of them you will be able to blast in just a few minutes. You can compete against other players and unlock new amazing Pop Its shaped like your favorite cartoon characters. Start exploring your possibilities right now and enjoy the relaxing effect of these great online games!