The Coolest Zombie Games for all Fans of Extreme Entertainment

Zombies are attacking! This means that the time has come for you to become a hunter, a savior, a defender of your planet! Will you take such a responsibility on your shoulders? Great, then just choose the format of a zombie fight you like the most and dive into our amazing games devoted to the struggles between people and the undead. The strange dark powers make copses rise from the graves, but they never become anything that reminds you a human being. Despite the fact that their rotten bodies were people time ago, you can recognize anything humane in them now! So have no mercy when shooting them with your guns, chopping their heads off, and hitting them with your truck or car – the zombies must die! And you are the one to clear the earth from this filth, so start your noble and dangerous mission today. Choose a free zombie title you like the most and show them who is the boss here!

Why are we afraid of zombies?

The main reason why zombies frighten us that much is that they are neither alive nor dead. They are stuck between these two states and suffer so much that they cannot do anything else but killing those people who are still alive. And, of course, they kill humans in the most brutal and bloody way one can imagine – wrapping them into pieces, crushing their heads, and eating their brains. It is not very clear, why brains are the most delicious dishes for the undead. Maybe, the trick is that they are not very smart (they are incredibly stupid), so brains interest them so much. However, for your luck, zombies never become smarter no matter how much brains they eat.

Zombies look like they are not completely dead, but you will never say that they are “not completely alive”. They are not alive at all, but some evil powers use them as puppets and manipulate these bodies to bring chaos to the world. Even though this might sound a bit tragic, but don’t let such thoughts soften your heart! The zombies are absolute killers and they have no doubts when they kill – consciousness is something they don’t have, so the doubts cannot appear in their heads. Be ready to stand against monsters that are pure evil – not thoughts, no ideals, no aims, but to eat you and destroy the world. Now you must be ready to take your gun and smash them, are you?

How to deal with zombies?

Most zombie-games are horrors, however, there are also humorous arcades and even puzzles where you can also meet the undead creatures. As a rule, you have to kill them as fast as you can because every second can cost your life. Be very careful when you see them and aim precisely to shoot their heads right away. They are horrible monsters that are already dead, so killing them is hard – is it possible to kill something that is not actually alive? However, if you will aim and shoot at their heads, you will have a chance to defeat those guys. In most games the zombies will be numerous and you will never fight them one on ones. They live and move in hordes, so get ready for a serious zombie rush for most titles you launch!