Siren Head games will plunge you into the atmosphere of a real horror since there is a terrible creature hunting you. It’s called the siren, and it has inhuman strength and speakers on its head. Through those speakers, it can produce shock waves that can easily knock you off your feet. You’d better be careful!

The creepy mystery of the woods

The game starts when you arrive at some desolate station on the brink of the forest, in the dead of night. Your work as a mechanic who came to fix some equipment. However, it can be rather hard to do with the lights off. And there are no rangers who usually patrol the territory and watch over the station. Besides, your car breaks down, and now you also need to fix it to get out of here. For that, you need to collect a few spare parts. You have a flashlight in your left hand, and you can use your right hand to interact with various objects. You can walk, duck and run, but you should use the latter ability sparingly, since you have a limited supply of stamina, and it’s going to take quite a long time until it is restored.

Before too long, you realize that there is something wrong in these woods. The fog creeps up between the trees, it’s dark and spooky, plus you can hear some strange noises. They are akin to remote wailings of a human or sounds produced by animals, and sometimes there are also some sort of radio interferences. What is going on here? These are Sirens – horrible creatures living in this forest, and tonight they are on the hunt. Maybe that’s where those rangers have been gone, and soon you find a vivid proof of that – two torn up bodies lying in the bushes. Now it becomes clear to you that you must escape this place as soon as you can!

Get away from sirens and save your life!

Siren Head games are very atmospheric, with a detailed 3D environment and amazing sound effects. Everything you see and hear around you will plunge you even deeper into the creepy ambience of these life-threatening events. And of course there is nothing spookier than seeing one of the sirens right near you! It’s a good thing they aren’t especially smart and you can easily hide from them if you are careful enough not to make too much noise. But still when this tall lanky create smoothly passes by you and you can feel how the veins and electric wires intertwine on its legs and hands, it’s easy to get scared.

Depending on your actions, the game can have three endings. In one of them, you get away successfully from danger, in another, you fall right into the clutches of sirens. And there is also a secret ending that you can unlock if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. The notes left by the rangers will also help you along. Start playing Siren Head games this very minute, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real horror and see if you can survive in these dangerous woods crawling with terrible monsters!