Maybe, the most popular racing and adventure games are GTA series. It is hard to find a person, who like playing games and have never heard about this title. In fact, even those, who don’t actually play anything, do know about GTA. The events of the series take place in fantastic fictional worlds. There are cities, which are the fruits of developers’ fantasies, but they still have real-life referents: Vice (Miami), Liberty (New York), and San Andreas (California). These cities are combined into a single location in the game. The title allows vast freedom of actions and gamers are welcome to build their own story, picking those tasks and missions that seem interesting to them. However, there is a tone of additional stories there, such as side quests and small adventures that include shooting, driving, racing, stealing, etc. It means that you can go really crazy in GTA, doing everything you want to and take part in any criminal (and incredibly funny) actions!

The main characters of the series, both positive and negative, are gangsters. They are striving to climb higher on the criminal world’s ladder and do this in many various ways. In each part of the franchise, the main characters have different reasons to pursue their goals, therefore stories have something in common, but stay variable at the same time. The enemies here are usually the parts of the criminal community, who did harm or committed betrayal to the main character or his gang. What is more, in additional to other charming elements of GTA such as amazing voice acting, large open world, graphics and memorable atmosphere, there are also some things that will make your feel nostalgic. You will find incredibly adorable parts of the game that are arranged as old-school titles of 90s.

When you start playing any part of GTA, you will act as a young criminal, who wants a better position in the tough world he lives in. You can reach success only if you complete the missions offered by the game and move further to your final aim. You will progress gradually and get various tasks to fulfill in all parts of the series. Get ready that criminal world is very cruel and has its own rules. So you will commit many murders and crimes all the time. You will have a chance to drive a great deal of different cars, but also you will try yourself as a helicopter pilot and bus driver. The newer series of GTA have better and more complicated narration, so if shooting and robbing are not your only passions, then you will definitely like the story behind. Try them all on this platform – it’s free!