To do something the best possible way, you need a plan. You have to think a few steps ahead and be capable of predicting the results of your actions. It’s important to deliberate on any unfavorable outcomes and come up with solutions to any of the problems that may arise. Sounds complicated? Not until you play one of our great strategy games! This genre is designed especially to teach you the basics of strategical thinking and allow you to feel like a powerful emperor or wise mayor who knows what to do for the prosperity and wellbeing of their people. Are you ready to begin?

The art of war and diplomacy

War is not just fighting and shooting, but a complex mechanism that you can set into action in many ways. Wars are fought by soldiers, and these soldiers must be trained, armed, clothed, fed and settled. But food runs out, clothes wear off, weapons fail. This means that you need constant access to all elements in order to maintain the combat effectiveness of your troops. How to do it? Play online strategies and learn! It takes time to figure out how to found a military base, train your fighters, organize mining of all necessary resources, set up production of weapons, make friends with your neighbors and gain their support for the future.

Relationships with neighbors are essential to success. With them you will trade or exchange things, and when the enemy attacks, you can count on the help of your allies. You can also recruit soldiers from other lands into your army, and if the level of your economy is sufficient to interest them, they will volunteer themselves. You should always have enough funds, but you need to build it up in order to increase the level of armament and have an impact on your neighbors – whoever has more finance rules the show. Starting with simple and accessible actions, with the right allocation of resources, you will achieve amazing results in the future. The main thing is to think over your steps, and especially the first ones. With the right management, you will defeat enemies and annex their lands, strengthen your borders and ensure prosperity for the population.

Peaceful doesn’t mean easier!

But strategies shouldn’t necessarily be about wars. Some of them are totally peaceful and you can focus on building and developing your settlement or city without thinking of how to protect it from your enemies. Don’t be in a hurry to sigh with relief though – there are enough troubles even in warless times to take care of. Successful functioning of the city depends on a lot of things and you have to make sure all the elements of the infrastructure work flawlessly together. Building roads and laying pipes, boosting production without damaging ecology, making residential areas attractive for new dwellers – all that requires complex strategical thinking. See if you can cope with all the challenges of the responsible mayor’s post playing our amazing strategies online!