Pico Park is an innovative puzzle game that challenges you to find a way out of several locations together with a bunch of other players. That’s right, here you should work as a team to achieve the desired result. And that is to get the key from the door leading to another level. If you combine your efforts and use your brains, you will definitely figure out how to do it!

The harder the puzzle the more interesting!

The first thing that will strike you eye once you launch Pico Park is its peculiar graphics. It’s very simple, downright to primitive. Everything looks like a mere combination of pixels, and the characters resemble some sort of little short-legged men with big ears, or cats, or any other unknown 8-bit creatures. Anyway, it looks cool and stylish and will surely remind you of all the old console games you might have been playing decades ago.

The levels look like rooms with objects and hurdles scattered around them. They aren’t there just randomly – every element is in its own place and can be used for cracking the riddles that are waiting for you in the game. The tasks are all very different and you will hardly come across two identical ones. Well, they can be similar in their type, but every time it’s going to be a new challenge that you have to cope with. And understanding how to do it will require a lot of hard thinking and work.

It’s all about the teamwork

So what exactly will you encounter in this game? Every level will be unique. On some you will have to demonstrate purely your agility and reaction. For instance, you will have to jump between the platforms in order to reach the key. Sometimes it will be complicated by certain circumstances – say, the key will be hanging in the mid air and it will require part of the team to attach themselves to flexible ropes and jump into nowhere while the rest of the group will be pulling them up so that they don’t fall.

Another time, the key will be hidden inside a glass bottle and you can only get hold of it after breaking the container. That can be done by directing a canon shot at it or if the entire team guides a ball by bopping it on their heads in a line without letting it touch the ground. Coping with it can be rather difficult and might take more than one attempt. But that what makes Pico Park so exciting despite any fashionable 3D effects.

The players can freely communicate during the game because there is a chat. Every message will be displayed in the middle of the screen in rather big letters, so you will easily read it even on your smartphone. Moreover, the text of the message will be of the same color as the player’s character (and they are all of different colors, for the sake of convenience), so there will be no trouble figuring out who wrote it. You can start playing Pico Park right now online by inviting your friends or simply joining random players. Good luck!