Are you full of creative ideas? Then we know where you can implement them all! It is a series of Toca Life games. Actually, it is a combination of several projects that are aimed at boosting your imagination and creativity. The ability to become an author of your own stories attracts millions of young players who continuously contribute to this playground in general. The game was originally designed for kids, but the process is equally engaging for adults as well. So hurry up to become a part of this thrilling universe!

What can you do in Toca Life World?

You will get all tools and instruments that will enable you to easily create your own world, design unique characters and develop incredible storylines. Colorful graphics in a cartoon-looking style makes the gameplay especially enjoyable and exciting. What ideas would you like to transfer to the screen? Do not hesitate to realize them all, no matter how crazy they may seem! You may skateboard in the school or bring a horse to a shopping center. You can become a mad stylist and make fun at your clients, or you can transform into an insane doctor that can perform any surgery with ease! The wilder scenario you have, the more thrilling story you will get! Before you start interaction with everything around, you need to create your character. You will have only a few options at the beginning, but soon, your possibilities will expand. Make fun of other heroes, interact with them, and come up with completely new stories. Moreover, you create not only unique scenes and participants, but also set your own rules here! There are practically no restrictions on the creation and arrangement of your virtual world. The player can invent the most unbelievable life situations and they can be limited only by your imagination.

Test all locations in Toca Life!

Initially, a player gets access to 8 huge locations and can operate with 39 characters. In fact, there are more locations and heroes, but you will be able to unlock these at a later stage. Where you can interact in this fun universe? Visit hospital, school, office, city and many other places. Do not miss to try Toca Life: Vacation, in which your heroes can enjoy different trips and various events associated with traveling. Now, all these locations are united into one big world where you can freely move between all of them. It is time to enter this wonderful world and start adding new adventures to it. Make it as thrilling as possible to attract other players to it. To make things easier for you, the developers have prepared a lot of gifts that can be found in the most unexpected places. The gameplay is literally endless – it all depends only on your imagination and creativity! So accept this exciting challenge and enjoy it to the fullest!