Granny is a first-person survival horror that takes its signals from the semblance of Five Nights at Freddy’s. You have 5 days to get away from the house all while evading Granny who is keeping you bolted inside. Discover things to open the front entryway all while maintaining a strategic distance from Granny by staying silent and covering up.

A strong idea that has a particular dread factor, one that doesn’t depend on the expected employment of darkness. That the house is sufficiently bright makes it that tad more evil and you turn out to be extremely mindful of the commotion you’re making. The sound of a creaky wood plank is sufficient to send you into palpitations as you endeavor to rapidly discover a place to stow away.

<strong>Granny is on the hunt</strong>

That being stated, it’s a challenging ordeal. It’s exceptionally befuddling at first and you’ll be depending more on preliminary and mistake to work out where you have to go. When you do know however it’s a simple diversion as Granny is genuinely unsurprising.

Outwardly, the house looks great however Granny’s face just looks off. Indeed, she should look frightening yet that may be a lot. To stay silent, you can squat and should you do this before Granny gets to you, she’ll not assault. Rather apparently stalling out and chasing after you calmly as long as you stay hunched. Knowing this present, it’s difficult to prevent yourself from doing it the minute she comes strolling your direction.

Likewise, she got traps. Bear traps to be correct that will catch you off guard. What’s more, the best way to expel it is to confront the bear trap and evacuate it by holding which requires a great deal of time! Too bad when you’re close to her.

<strong>Finding a way out</strong>

The house is labyrinth of rooms where you need to collect a series of items that you are going to require if you hope to open the front door. There is just a single weapon you can use to battle Granny and it will only tranquilize her for a few seconds so that you can get out of her immediate grip. The old lady used all sorts of protection measures to prevent you from getting out, so you’ll have to think of a way to pick all those locks and even turn off the alarm system.

There are fun things and highlights you can do in the house. For instance, you can find yourself in a darker room where each place is dull aside from where you are. The game features four modes: simple, medium, hard, and outrageous. Be that as it may, the most ideal approach to have a fabulous time here is to troll Granny. One way to troll her is to make a sound and hide in some place. Another celebrated trolling act here is you make a sound to draw granny to the kitchen and make her pursuit you in the table. You both will like pursuing each other. It resembles playing with somebody who intends to murder you.

<strong>All versions and modes</strong>

On our site, you can find all available versions of the game plus some highly exciting modes that will make the gameplay even more thrilling. For instance, you can try to survive in Hard Mode where Granny moves even faster and there are additional rooms where you need to find even more items necessary to unlock all the doors. Add a crazy mode where Granny is fast to the point that she can get up the stairs and over the passage in the squint of an eye! One of the latest versions also adds the Attic to the numerous rooms already featured in Granny’s house. There is also a new weapon to use against the creepy maniac – a crossbow that shoots tranquilizers. But those won’t kill Granny, just slow her down. So you’ll have just a few extra minutes to get out of her sight. There is nothing more to tell, choose one of Granny games on our site and find out for yourself!