Have you ever wondered what it’s like to build your own city from scratch? A city that has everything people need, the one you’ve always dreamed of living in? Simcity will give you such a chance! This legendary urban life simulator will put you in charge of your own megapolis. First it’s going to be just a couple of houses, but with due efforts and wise management you’ll be able to expand it into a huge neon-lit area with all possible types of residence and infrastructure. In just a quarter of an hour, this amazing game will teach you how to construct roads, place residential areas, tear down buildings and stop protest actions at the city hall lawn. Are you ready to begin?

<strong>Build and manage</strong>

The fundament of Simcity is the system of roads that connect all the buildings. Every structure is tied to its fragment of the highway, the zones are placed on sidewalks and you can see water, electricity and waste flowing down the roads if you turn on a special mode for that. That means you have to pick where to place another building very carefully painstakingly planning the future look and functioning of your city.

There are different types of structures to build. As you accomplish mission after mission and increase your budget, you’ll gain access to new, bigger and more advanced buildings. While planning out an area, consider the status of local lodgments. Inhabitants of elite high rise apartment will require all sorts of malls, office places and entertainments near them. In quiet suburbs it will be enough to place a school, shop, hospital and police station. You can supply your citizens with a wide range of goods by constructing manufacturing facilities, but make sure they’re placed away from residential zones because nobody wants to live near a smoking plant. You can expand your city as far as the map goes. But note that the bigger it is, the more it thrives the more responsibility is put on you. Just like in real life, there will be certain issues and you’ll have to deal with them to make sure nothing prevents your virtual paradise from flourishing.

<strong>Complete missions and solve issues</strong>

Sometimes you’ll even get to interact with the dwellers of your city. To do that, you just need to click on the icon and the camera will drop down to show you a Sim who has a rational proposition for you. Mostly these are various missions (building something or unlocking another achievement). But from time to time there will be extraordinary situations breaking the peaceful flow of city life. If the locals are dissatisfied with something, they will organize a protest demonstration in front of your office. And you’ll have to reason with them by promising them to fix the problem. And of course you’ll need to keep your promise otherwise the protests will continue. Simcity is a whole set of architectural, economical and municipal challenges packed into one visually refined game with a wide range of features. Discover them on our site playing one of the many Simcity versions online!