Star Wars must be one of the most popular franchises in the world. Most people know is as movies that depict epic cosmic saga. However, this is not all! There are many video games inspired by original story of Star Wars and if you want to feel yourself as a real participant of the legendary plot, you should check them out! Not only the original plot is outplayed in these titles, but also completely original stories that provide additional vision of the world and characters you know so well. Get ready to learn something new and amazing! We have gathered an extensive list of the best Star Wars games ever been launched. The amount of them is enormous, but we have chosen only the most successful and popular ones, so you won’t have to search across the web, testing dozens of titles on your own. We have already done this instead of you! Now you can enjoy the best SW games ever existed for free on out platform.

So are you ready to take part in a glorious battle of good and evil? Space wizards are already preparing their light swords to let the endless fight of forces continue. Witness the power and wisdom of light and see how dangerous and seducing the dark side can be. All of these titles share the same universe of Star Wars, but have different stories to tell. Some of the are strategies, where you will have to build the bases and train the troops of clones to prepare for a great battle. The others are action-adventure titles, where you have to complete various missions, save your comrades, protect those that are weaker than you, and fight your enemies without a mercy. The others will let you outlive the story of a padawan, who could survive after the furious battles. There are many unknown stories in these series, the ones that you won’t find neither in the movies, nor in comics or anywhere else. There are both single and multi-player games here, especially when it comes to massive games, where you have to play for troopers and fight with evil. You will meet many well-known iconic characters here, including Yoda, Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and more. In all of the titles, the forces of darkness with try to outweigh the power of light and you will decide your own destiny. Remember, the force of darkness is equally harming whether on Earth or in space. So choose your actions wisely and remember that your every steps matters. And may force be with you!