It’s not a rare case when a super-simple and minimalistic title turns to be incredibly addictive and interesting. The best example of such title must be Helix Jump. You don’t have neither a story, nor a main character or his/her enemies here. There is a ball that rolls and bounces around, landing on the safe platforms and avoiding the harmful ones. There is a final destination you need to reach every time a new level starts. In most cases, your ball will take its way down. Usually, you find yourself at the very top of a construction and your mission is to pass the difficulties and get to the lowest part of the screen. Sounds incredibly easy, but this is not how it is in the reality. Actually, you will have to take your time and learn how to control the ball properly before you figure out how to guide in the safest and fastest manner. What is more, things become more and more complicated as you continue. Each next level will bring new puzzles and combinations, so you will have to think about your moves ahead. There is no way you just can relax and let the ball roll. For Helix Jump, strategy is everything. Successful moves will bring you more scores, especially when you manage to go through a number of obstacles at one move.

Practice and attentiveness will surely help you to become a champion of ball rolling. Also, there are some amazing tricks you need to master to make your playing more enjoyable and advanced. As we have already said, try passing a couple of platforms (3 and more) with a single move to receive higher scores. When you do so, you can ruin the red platforms without harming yourself. Trust your intuition and let your moves come naturally. It doesn’t mean that you can let it roll without your participation, you just need to feel the movement and perceive it as a whole. Keep practicing and you will become the best Helix Jumper ever! Try this title on our site for free and good luck!