Mr Meat 1.6.1

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In this game, you will have to fulfill a duty of a savior and this won’t be very simple. The plot is straightforward – there is a guy, who works as a butcher and his name is Mr. Meat. Sounds ridiculous only until you see him and realize how crazy and scary he actually is! He did a crime and it seems like he doesn’t want to stop, but to do more and a real tragedy is about to happen. He caught a young girl and entrapped her in his large and scary house full of strange objects and crazy stuff. However, you are here to defend the girl and help her get out here unharmed. To do so, you will need to pass through numerous obstacles and challenges. The game is full of puzzles and small missions you will have to accomplish. Each successfully completed task will let you get closer to the main aim of the game – saving a lady and getting out of here alive.

The butcher is in the house and he is looking for you. He knows that you are here and once he hears the sounds you make, beware – he can find you. He deals with bodies in a pretty professional manner, so be careful and try not to become his victim as well. If you do, it is impossible to predict what horrors are waiting for you. Make no noise or use this feature to distract the criminal. Once he hears you, he will try to get you, but you can trick and full him making the noises at the other places, so he will go there and your path will be clear. Be smarter than he is and good luck!