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Ever since we were kids, we’ve been told that bad people go to Hell after death. And whether we are believers or not, we are all subconsciously afraid of this terrible place where our souls can end up burning in eternal fire if we don’t behave. Agony invites you to imagine how Hell could look like in disturbing and off-putting detail. You will find yourself in the depth of the Underworld as a trapped soul who doesn’t remember anything that happened to it in its mundane life. However, the soul has a helpful ability to possess other spirit and take advantage of their skills. This can come quite handy trying to survive in a murky dungeon crawling with demons and other vile, ugly creatures craving your blood. As you wander through the grim labyrinth, you start to recollect fragments of your past. Most of the souls you meet on your way seem to be angry at you for something you did while still being alive. Ultimately, you realize that your path leads you to the seat of the Red Goddess, the creator of Hell, who seems to be the only capable of helping you escape the torment. Later on, you discover that you were a great ruler of a mythical land who made a deal with the Red Goddess and is now sentenced to her underground realm. If you manage to achieve her shelter, perhaps you’ll be able to change the course of events. Agony isn’t very fascinating in terms of gameplay, but it does strike you with a ghastly atmosphere. There are fire spurts igniting here and there, unknown creatures scuttle in the darkness, demons skin people alive and screams resound along the winding tunnels leading into nowhere… Will you be able to fulfill your mission and see the world of the living again? Let’s find out…