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Taiwanese horror-title Devotion truly proves that Asian developers know a lot about how to create a smart horror that can make you jump out of your pants. However, they never do any banal tricks with you like monsters that jump from the corner or pop-up elements that make noise. Instead, they have decided to show you how terrifying your own memory and consciousness can be. Nobody is really scared of the monsters, especially those who know that real monsters live inside of people.

In this game you will meet a family that took part in a cult. You will play for a daughter, who doesn’t know too much about the past of her parents and her own childhood. They used to live in a cozy house long time ago… Or if this house only seemed cozy to the main character? Now she enters the same building and finds it truly terrifying. Join her and reveal the secrets of her past, her family, and a suspicious cult that makes people’s life incredibly strange.