Granny vs Baldi’s

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Both Baldi and Granny won’t let you leave the house or the school you find yourself in. While Baldi’s aim is to force you to solve numerous math problems and prevent you from passing the quests, Granny just wants you to stay in her spooky house. And if you don’t, she will follow your every step and catch you. Actually, both of them will chase you when you are trying to leave, so you should be attentive and quite. Granny will try to find you when you hide under the bed or in a wardrobe; at the same time, Baldi will make your brains boil because he has a plenty of complicated tasks for you.

These characters are real horror-game stars and they do have much in common. Just imagine what a great collaboration then can make together! While Granny is following you inside the scary dark house and you are about to hide under the bed and sit there quietly until she goes away, you rush in the corridor and there… you meet Baldi! And he has a math problem for you! Your actions? It is really difficult to realize which of these characters is scarier. We bet it depends on your previous childhood fears. Some if you had aggressive grandmothers while the other hated math (and crazy teachers).