Baldi’s Basics Update

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We bet that you have never played an educational game as weird as Baldi’s Basics Update. It is an indie-horror with hard-hitting and absolutely insane art style that mimics the old learning games for kids from 80s-90s. There you will meet a shaggily character called Baldi. He will force you to complete math tasks and run try to kill you if you cannot do that correctly. The only way out is to run away from him and leave this place. Also, Baldi has friends who are as creepy as he. They will do everything to prevent you from going through the challenges making things even more complicated and scary. While you will draw to different classrooms, offices, and corridors, don’t forget to pick the items you will find. These items will surely help you overcome the challenges more smoothly.

Meta Game Jam, the Baldi’s creators, surely do their best to make players to be as self-aware as possible. Moreover, they know how to scare you with the most gnarled and schizophrenic-looking graphics. You will realize that the sophisticatedly drawn monsters are nothing in comparison to odd Baldi and his companions.