Baldi’s Basics 2

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In Baldi’s Basics you will meet creepy characters that become even more angry and frightening if you fail to solve the educational tasks correctly. Your aim is to find three notebooks and resolve puzzles of various levels of complexity. Also, you need to avoid dangerous creatures who live in the school while you wander around the rooms. Baldi and his friends will try to prevent your successful escape from the scary school, so be careful. Try and see how long can you survive! Find the laptops, solve the tasks and run away. Nobody says that education is a walk in a park. It is even more difficult when crazy Baldi chases you for performing the tasks poorly and arranging all kinds of horror around. Learn the basics and your task performing will become better. However, you will have a limited amount of time for each, so do your best if you don’t want to experience the real horror from a tutor. There are several difficulty levels to choose to from and don’t be too shy to start from the easiest one.