Baldis Basics in Real Life

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School is not a pleasant place. And mathematics is one of the least favorite school subjects. This is not surprising, especially if the lessons are conducted by such an aggressive-minded teacher like Baldi. See how he fiercely pats his palm with a pointer while waiting for you to make a mistake and give him a reason to split you off? Unless you are Einstein, the beating is inevitable. What to do? Run out of class as quickly as possible! But do not think that Baldi will not rush after you. Once he loses his temper, like a solid and pompous look instantly flies off him, and he is ready to rush after you along the school corridor until he catches you and sends you to a knockout. Your task is to escape, winding through the floors and back streets. Baldi will be assisted by the whole school, from pretty girls jumping rope, to menacing-looking bullies standing in the aisles. Collect seven notebooks scattered around the campus, solve the problems and get out of school before Baldi gets to you!