Troll Face Quest: Horror 2

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Do you like scary movies? If you want to tickle your nerves with something scary and crazy, you can try new game, which is called Troll Face Quest: Horror. Freaky adventures are waiting for you, and if you are ready to open the doors of the awful world with crazy humor, then this game is the best thing ever, made specially for you. Be ready to find many situations, which you know from the screen, and this should make you extremely excited! You will meet plenty of puzzles, which would be may find scary or funny, depending on your mood. Scenes from your favorite movies and games are now alive in your computer, and you are free to live them the way should be. The graphics and animation are incredible, and this is not all. Sounds are really wonderful, and they will make you shiver! Meeting serial killers and monsters are now as easy as ever! Your main mission here is to perform various tricks, and play jokes over various characters. Eventually everyone will be tricked, and your goal is to be severe and brave, and scare everyone to death!