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The game developers of FNAF 8 has prepared a new portion of horror for you! If you are desperate enough to spend a night in a dark office trying to prevent hostile monsters from attacking you, then you should definitely try this one out. After Freddie’s pizzeria was closed for a while, newspapers have suddenly announced that… it comes back! Strange enough, but you have decided to work as a keeper there once more. And now you have to spend the creepiest five nights in your life inside of it. The animatronics will try to reach you and you will have to keep an eye on them to stay alive and unharmed. Beware – a new character will appear in this part and try to hunt you. His name is Golden Freddy and he has a lot of scary surprises for you. By the way, you will also have to flee from a Puppet and other monstrous creatures. To protect yourself from animatronics, you have two items – a mask and a camera. Use the camera to watch their moves and the mask will help you to disguise yourself. Remember that you have a limited resource of energy and it wastes rapidly. So be inventive and think fast if you want to survive!