Angry Neighbor

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Angry Neighbor Hello from home is a creepy first-person quest that features a great deal of horror and exploring. You have recently moved to a new house. Your neighbor evokes suspicions from the first days you see him. This man behaves in a really strange way. He is always in a hurry, but he never goes outside of his house and yard. He looks at you in a really strange way and you believe that he is inspecting your every move. He makes strange noises, building and crafting something all the time. In fact, you start to suspend that he behaves as a person who has some secrets… Some really dangerous and frightful ones. Do you want to know what are the skeletons he hides in his closet? Well, hopefully that they are not literally skeletons, but you are ready to find out. You decide to sneak into neighbor’s house and check what secrets he hides there. In the best traditions of a point-to-click quest, you will have to move around and collect objects that will help you cope with various tasks and move on. Gather keys to unlock the doors and other items to get into the rooms of the house. It is important for you to stay away from your neighbor and make sure that he doesn’t see you. Try to avoid him and hide from his sight whenever he follows you. The game will end if this creepy man will see and catch you. Angry Neighbor Hello from home has amazing mechanics and graphics as well as numerous settings! So have fun and try not to get caught!