Hello Neighbor

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We generally enjoy hanging out with our neighbors, but not all of them are the same friendly and nice. The hero of this game has run into a quite gloomy type of neighbor living across the street. He keeps to himself, he is never seen having guests, he stays in his house most of the time and, what’s worse, there are clear signs he might be a maniac. On numerous occasions, you have heard strange noises coming from his home and also saw him frantically barring the basement door. What might he be hiding there? Perhaps the bodies of his victims? You need to investigate into this! Get into he neighbor’s house and find out what mysteries are concealed there without getting noticed! This task will be quite challenging since the neighbor will be inside his home all the time and he also has artificial intelligence allowing him to remember things and analyze your behavior. So if he hears a sound in one of the rooms or even sees you entering some door, you can be pretty sure he is going to prepare a surprise for you there next time you show up on the same spot. Maybe it will be a security camera, maybe a bear trap. You can only guess how your little intrusion will end if the neighbor catches you in the act. Luckily, you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes and do everything more discretely at your next effort. But keep in mind that your opponent will be learning from them as well! While in the house, you can also use various items to your advantage. For instance, you can distract the neighbor by throwing stuff or even use it as means of self-defense. Show ingenuity and try to outsmart the neighbor if you hope to explore his home down to the last nook and cranny and discover the contents of his mysterious basement!