Hello Guest

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Escaping the grip of creepy monsters and getting out of a dangerous place alive is the essence of many horror games. And Hello Guest is no exception. This time you’ll be running away from a rather strange creature with wings and a beak who walks on two legs and loves hunting. It won’t strike at once – at first, it will create a little bit of suspense to make the pursuit more interesting. You don’t know when another attack may take place, so you have to be extra alert!

The evil creature will appear after the sunset. At the first sings of its presence, take out your flashlight and keep it in your hand! Just like all monsters, your guest hides from light and it may be your only chance to survive through the night. You don’t have any other weapons to use against your enemy, although you can confuse your tracks and set traps. But note that it learns quickly and won’t repeat the same mistake twice! Don’t use any means of self-protection very often because the monster will figure them out and easily avoid any of your tactical maneuvers. Fortunately, the shabby desolate park where the events unfold is rather big and there are plenty of good places where you can hide and lie in wait looking at your watch and praying for dawn!