Granny 3

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Granny 3 is a survival horror game where you need to run away from a crazy old maniac chasing you around the house. And if you want to defeat Granny, you have to look for a way out of this terrible. If you fail to do that, she will find you and send you to the basement for many years! e careful and quite because she hears everything. Her ears are very sensitive! If you drop a vase or accidentally knock a painting off the wall, she will instantly run to the noise.

You are given just five days to survive. Every day equals to a failed attempt when Granny snatches you. All you need is to unlock the main door and not get caught. Do you think it’s that simple? You are wrong! The objects you need are scattered throughout the house. And to find them, you have to look for them literally everywhere. In lockers, in closets, in the garage. But if you bump into Granny with her bloody club, then run away closing the doors! Otherwise…

There are four modes of difficulty in this game. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with the easy mode. After you get so good at the game that you will easily beat Granny under any circumstances, it’s time to proceed to hardcore mode! But don’t forget that with each mode, there are more and more locks at the doors. And Granny will also be moving faster. Watch out!