Grandpa The Horror Game

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Continuing the story of the mad Granny capturing people in her house and giving them five days to escape unless she haunts them down with her blood-covered baseball bate first, developers have released a similar game called Grandpa. In this horror diversion, you are about to accomplish the same dreadful mission of getting out of the old, creepy house, only this time your opponent will be an old man with inclination to murder. He bolted you inside his home and now you have to successfully unlock all the doors while avoiding Grandpa who is strolling around his premises with one single intent – finding you and smashing your brains out. Each room is like a puzzle and you have to solve it before you can proceed to the next location. The gameplay is complicated by the fact that your character will close his eyes when scared and only open them when he calms down. Who knows what can happen in those few seconds! Be careful and try not to make any noise if you don’t want Grandpa to spot you.