Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

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When you were hired to work at Freddy’s Pizza House, you didn’t expect that your new job will make your hair stand on end! During the day, everything was ok. But once the night fell, you spotted strange movement through your surveillance cameras. The toys in the window sprang to life and started wandering around the building looking for a victim to tear apart! This victim can be you! Can you survive in this horror pizzeria for five nights without getting into the hands of mechanic monsters? Your only protection is the glass-walled security room with cameras to track the dolls’ movement and door control system to prevent them from getting out. Beware, though, Freddy and his plush friends can be tricky! Besides, the electricity supply is limited which means you’ll have to use the power at your disposal wisely. If it runs out before the night ends, you are as good as dead! Each night, the difficulty will increase. Discover the horrors of the evil-ridden cafeteria and make out of there alive!