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The fans of FNAF series and the Sister Location Custom Night title in particular will be glad to hear that the second part of it is already available for download. Meet FNAF 7, another one creepy story about animatronics. Here you will see the familiar classical gameplay of Five Nights at Freddie’s. Again, you are sitting in a dark office room, all alone, and a bunch of animatronics are ready to attack you. Your mission is pretty simple: watch them carefully and try to survive the night. The best part here is that you are welcome to set the number of monsters and their complexity levels on your own. However, even if you are lenient to yourself, this won’t save you from animatronics trying to sneak into your room using all possible ways in and out. They will attack you from all sides using the ventilation and doors, so track the cameras and do everything to prevent them coming in. If you are not very successful, they will jumpscare you to death.

In this part you will meet characters that you already know from the previous parts of FNAF as well as new ones. To fight crazy killer dolls efficiently, make sure to learn their behavior. Each animatronic has a unique style and reasons to attack you, so get ready to start the game over and over again until you memorize their tricks.