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Do you remember that good old days when you were playing Super Mario on your game console? That amusing colorful universe where the plumber bros and their friends are running through the green landscape, jumping on the mushrooms and gathering golden coins. Well, we bet that you are old enough to have heard about it (unless you lived under the rock all this time). Then get ready to meet the heroes of your childhood in the brand new roles, because they have become the characters of a horror title FNAF 10. Now, this game is nothing that is connected with your nostalgia. The characters are trying to chase you and scare you to the gray hair. This game is created on the basis of a well-known Five Nights at Freddie’s, but the set of animatronics you will face consists of the dwellers of the fairytale Kingdom. The city snack bar entertains its visitors with animatronic puppets from the Mario game. They are cheerful and funny during the daytime, amusing the guests with Italian songs and dances. However, when the night falls, they turn into ferocious monsters who are thirsty for blood and fear. And you are the one to experience their madness on yourself because you work as a watchman in this pizzeria (spaggetheria, who knows). Gladly, you have a video surveillance system and the cameras located all around the building. Use the cameras to track the monsters and their moves and make sure to close the right doors. Otherwise, they will enter the room and kill you! Remember that you have a limited amount of time, so use it wisely and good luck!