Subnautica Below Zero

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Dive into the deep and dark waters of cosmic ocean and find out the secrets of another world! This time, Subnautica sends you to the world of investigation and survival on the distant planet. Your research group and you head to the 4546B planet, where so many mysteries are waiting for you. At the beginning, everything goes perfectly – one part of the group looks for artefacts on the land, while you dive in the ocean and look for objects that belonged to unknown creatures years ago. Your discoveries will help the humanity to find out something really valuable for the scientific progress. However, something goes wrong and your space base experiences a catastrophe. Now there is no place for you to come back and no people to support you. You have no choice but to make your living in these extreme conditions. The survival is your main aim, but being a man of science, you cannot stop investigating this mysterious planet. You will study the underwater and do everything to supply your existence. Are there any hopes that someone will save you? Who knows, but you cannot resist proceeding with your task.

Continue diving into the ocean, where you will find not only objects and artefacts, but also forms of life. Beware, some of them are predators. However, there are also smart and adorable creatures and they will help you on your way. There are so many questions for you to answer during your dangerous trip. What are those aliens, who used to live here before? What happened to your team of researchers? The multilayer story is about to unwrap itself right in front of your eyes in Below Zero. Try it out for free on our website and see how a real adventure in the outer space can look like. Good luck!