Mr Meat

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You were an ordinary guy, living a quiet life in your room. Nothing special happened – the days were simply flowing and that’s all. However, one day your life has changed dramatically. You have found out that a local butcher has gone nuts and his thirst for blood went far beyond the workplace. Well, he is used to the dead bodies and blood spilled everywhere, but now he seems to be really crazy, because the difference between human beings and animals doesn’t make any sense for him anymore. You realize that the evil is lives right beside your house and what are your decisions? Well, that’s right, you take a riffle and go to his house because this madness must be stopped. Who knows, how many poor victims will appear in the paws of this monster? You need to prevent this and this is your time to enter the stage.

So you start your rescue mission, entering the house of a creepy and ugly butcher. He is fat, large, and has scars on his face. Overall, he looks scary and extremely ugly, so you can only imagine what horrors the poor kidnapped girl has already experienced. The house is extremely scary – the rooms are gloomy and grey, there are blood spots everywhere, and the atmosphere is cold and very unpleasant. The developers did everything to create a sense of disgust and horror. You will wonder across these rooms and corridors, looking for the girl and solving the puzzles. As such, this horror title is more than just running away and fighting with the monster – you will also have to turn your brain on!