Baldi’s Basics Full Game

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When we think of school, we all have different associations. Someone recalls friends, school holidays and funny tricks. And someone remembers long, tiring lessons, difficult homework and terrible teachers. If you are in the second category, you will surely like Baldi’s Basics Full Game. After all, it turns boring classes into an exciting horror! You have to oppose the angriest, most dangerous school teacher – Baldi. This is not just a bore with glasses, it is a real evil in the flesh. Almost every student in your class was smashed by his long pointer at least once. And it’s not at all that the children are so stupid. Baldy just loves to use his hands. It is enough to make one mistake so that he becomes furious and chases you all over the school to give you a bashing. Can you solve all the tasks as correctly as possible in order to avoid this fate? And if Baldi pursues you, will you be able to escape from his anger? Let’s find out!

So, the goal of the game is to find seven notebooks and successfully cope with all the tasks. Then you can go home, but until at least one notebook is discovered, you’ll have to wander around the school in search of the cherished item. There is a catch – this is Baldi. The fact is that the inadequate teacher doesn’t even give you a single chance for correction. Once you write a wrong number on the board, a violent reaction will follow. If you see that Baldi is threateningly approaching you, shaking his pointer – you’d better get out of there. Run without stopping and try to maximize the distance between yourself and the aggressive mathematician. To do this, you need to think on the go – where it is better to turn, which route will be shorter, where it will be harder for Baldi to catch you, and so on.

You will meet other characters on campus. Some of them will be from the teaching staff – of course, you need to stay away from them. Others will look quite innocent. But this is only appearance, in fact, even first-graders jumping rope in the yard help Baldi. Once you stop for a moment to participate in their game, Baldi will immediately appear from around the corner. So don’t fall for those tricks, remember that every second is precious. Periodically, your stamina will run out. It can be replenished by eating something tasty from your bag. A chocolate bar will put you on your feet again, and you will run even faster! From time to time, don’t forget to gaze around and look back so that Baldi doesn’t take you by surprise. Good luck!