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The GTA series has always been praised for its huge open world and plenty of possibilities for spending your time in the game. And GTA V is taking it to a whole new level! Now there is not just one, but three main heroes, each with his own peculiar traits and story, that you can switch between. Each of the characters has his own set of missions, and their paths will cross once in a while making the plot even more intricate and exciting!

The setting of the game has become much more detailed and versatile. Every single person you can see in the streets now looks differently making it feel just like the real world. You can walk into a great variety of places and locations to find just the right pastime to indulge in. And surely, good old random shootouts, car pursuits and chaos you can cause in the streets haven’t gone anywhere! Explosions and collisions are just as spectacular (perhaps even more so) and the amount of adrenaline can simply make your veins burst! Prepare to move up in the criminal world completing tasks, gaining rewards and improving your repute in the gangster underground. This is going to be an adventure you won’t forget for a long time!