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Are you ready to plunge into a thrilling gangster world? Then welcome to GTA IV! Make a stunning criminal career starting from a newcomer who yet doesn’t know anything about the neighborhood to the leader of your own gang. There is an intriguing plot with many unexpected twists waiting for you. But you don’t even have to follow the storyline so strictly because it’s an open world that you are free to explore at will! Whether you feel like setting out on another mission immediately after finishing the previous one or taking a break walking around the city and having a wild kind of fun is up to you!

There are plenty of things to do in this vibrant virtual setting. You can rob by-passers and houses, steal cars and participate in gripping cop pursuits, practice shooting and go to the gym, hang out at a strip club or even find a job at the fire station, emergency hospital or, ironically, the police! As you complete one task after another, you will become more and more influential and will be able to form your own gang with several members that will cover your back if things go south. Enjoy playing GTA IV online and have fun every single minute in the game!