Gris 2019

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Those who believe that indie-titles are all about aesthetics and symbolic plots will surely appreciate Gris. The amazing artwork based on beautiful compositional decisions, marvelous colors, and tender lines and forms are all present here. The game is drawn in watercolor, which a rare case for modern entertainment industry. The overall outlook is very elegant, while the characters and environment are drawn in a distinct and lovely manner. What is more, the image is not only good-looking, but also tells a story. The world around the main character is so changeable and living, giving you some tips and intuitive hints on what to do next and what is waiting for you around the corner. The movement reminds of fluids and flow, while the inky work works perfectly for such an effect. There are no dialogues and words here, just pure feelings supported by colors and shapes. You will help Gris, who has lost her voice and appeared in a fantastic world of her own sorrow, to get through the difficulties and find her path to light. The emotional states are depicted in the forms of creatures she meets and every visual element serves as a kind of metaphor here. To say the truth, Gris is more like poetry, than a video game.