Hollow Knight

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When you start playing Hollow Knight, you might feel a bit confused. The location is pretty complex; you don’t have a concrete plan or any items except weapon. You cannot find and view the map to know where should you go. You meet some enemies, kill them and get coins, but how can you spend those? Yes, things are really unclear for those, who have never played Hollow Knight before. This game won’t take you by the hand and lead you to the final destination. Instead, you will have to figure out everything about this world on your own. With time, you will find a character, who can arrange a map for you for a couple of coins. However, some places will stay unmarked there, so you will have to search for useful items on your own. What is more, there are so many unique zones in the game and each of them requires a separate map! It means that you have to make sense of Hollow Knight’s world on your own. With time, you will learn to discover new items and understand how to restore health or make savings. This title is for those who are fond of exploration!