Escape The Ayuwoki

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The Ayuwoki title will surely remind you of old scary tales you and your friends used to tell each other around the fireplace or late at night, when you are already going to sleep. The main trait of such stories is simplicity that makes you feel very uncomfortable. Indeed, the most plane plots can be extremely terrifying in their clearness. This is just the case of Ayuwoki. You are stuck in a large building, probably and old mansion, where nobody seems to live for years. Of course, there is no such thing as “nobody” in the horror stories, because someone is always present. And this someone is usually a creature that came from hell.

Ayuwoki is a demon. He is bloodthirsty and cruel. When someone becomes his victim, Ayuwoki acts fast. He tears victim’s body into pieces, spilling liters of blood and splashing it all around the place. By the way, if you are a sensitive person and cannot stand watching bloody and terrifying scenes of that type, we are not sure that you should play this title – there is a plenty of them here. Your only chance to survive and run away is a red key. You need to find it in the rooms of the house and open the main gate to leave this place. Hopefully, you can do that before Ayuwoki finds you and busts your head open.