Dude Theft Wars

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All cool dudes live in a special place for dudes – Dudopolis. They live the life every dude dreams of and you are welcome to join them today. Becoming one of them, you will get access to the best entertainments ever – you can ride a car and move freely around the city or visit the nearby places, get yourself some guns and become a gangster, smash someone in the face… and much more! The dude-life is full of great and crazy stuff. And what is the most important – their life is full of freedom, so you are the one to choose what you want to do. Nobody has control over you and your desires, no matter how destructive or even criminal! However, the range of options is wider than that.
Not only you can be a bank-robber or an authoritative villain of the town. Also, you can become a humorous troll and prank other characters all day long! Make jokes and be ready that some of them will make people mad at you! Also, you can become a street racer and simply ride your shiny vehicle all day long. Not sure that you are that adventurous type? Spend your day lying on a sofa and playing on your smartphone. The game is made in a format of a sandbox – a city where you can do everything your imagination may suggest. It combines two central features – free world with endless opportunities plus life simulator.