Warcraft 3 Reforged

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This is a new way of Warcraft and you are welcome to test the amazing version of a legendary strategy right now! You will definitely be surprised by the title we have uploaded here for you. The game takes place in the real time and you are welcome to test your skills in live battles. This one is a revolutionary title that lies in the fundament of all epic stories of the lands of Azeroth. The new version has an improved graphics and a great deal of new features that include a system to rivals to choose, improved social capacities, and other add-ons and specials.
You can become a commander of the army and you choose the race you want to play for. There are dark elves, orcs, and people here. The game is played in the real time and multiplayer matches are held between alive players. The world here is in a constant conflict and the unions don’t last for too long. The best fantasy strategy is waiting for you, it is free! So jump into the world of Warcraft and start you struggle now!