Detroit: Become Human

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There are a lot of fiction and movies dedicated to androids. We are all looking forward to the future where there will be these humanoid robots to help us in our daily life. But do we actually consider moral issues at hand? Detroit: Become Human will give you a glimpse of how this could be. The mankind has created artificial intelligence, but it didn’t foresee the consequences: a mind as highly developed as ours will eventually gain emotions and desires and won’t be willing to be just a machine with no right to choose. That’s what happened to the main heroes. They are all deviants – robots with a flawed operation system who have gained free will. Of course, the company behind it doesn’t like how things took turn. They haunt deviants down and eliminate them. However, one of the hunters might also be deviant and he is about to discover it performing his work. Will you be able to help the heroes rescue themselves from the hands of the android-manufacturing corporation? You are about to find out!