Roblox Piggy Book 2

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You have lived side by side with your neighbor, George Piggy, for many years. And all this time you had no idea what hides under the appearance of a friendly citizen! It turns out Piggy is an insane maniac who has been killing other dwellers and stockpiling their bodies in his house. Now it’s your turn and, just like many victims, you found yourself under lock and key with a slim chance to run away and get out of the building!

That won’t be simple – Piggy is following you within an arm’s length. If you linger even for a couple of seconds, he will get close enough to you to sink his weapon into your head! So the only choice you have is to run non-stop and do everything on the go. There are plenty of rooms you need to check out and dozens of doors you need to open. For each door, there is a key of the same color that should be found somewhere in the house.

When entering a room, it’s necessarily to control your character in such a way that you always have a safe path for retreat. If Piggy drives you into a corner, you’ll have no opportunity to save your skin! Of course, unless you find a weapon that also lies around the house. But even it won’t kill Piggy, just immobilize him for some time. Start this creepy adventure right now and enjoy the thrill!