Amnesia: Rebirth

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The plot of Amnesia: Rebirth takes place in 1937, almost a hundred years after the events of the original. The main character is Anastasia “Tasi” Trianon, a French archaeologist who travels to Algeria with her husband.The heroine is not destined to reach her destination – the plane crashes in the middle of the desert, and Tasi wakes up alone. Then she decides to find the survivors and begins her journey through the endless sands.

First, gamers are shown bright sunny landscapes, which is something unusual for horror games. However, after some time, the heroine stumbles upon a cave, into which she decides to look. Here begins the dark, gloomy, frightening and mysterious atmosphere familiar to Amnesia fans.


It is noteworthy that the cave Tasi discovers is the very place that the main character of the original game excavated many years ago and which becomes the bridge connecting both games. To play the sequel, it is not necessary to know everything about the events of the first part, which is an undoubted plus for many players.

When the heroine enters the cave, she finds herself in dark locations much alike to those from previous parts. Only now they have become much more spacious. You have to do a lot – exploring the area, solving simple puzzles, frantically looking for sources of light, monitoring the psychological state of the character, and get startled by every rustle and creak. There are monsters to hide away from and secrets to uncover. Prepare to run a real archeological investigation and even to visit a parallel dimension! Play Amnesia: Rebirth online and get your portion of thrill!