Tasty Planet Forever Hacked

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It doesn’t matter how many times a day you feed your cat – they just can’t get enough! This game will put you in charge of a gluttonous fluffy beast swallowing everything on his way. Set out to a small kitchen of a local restaurant and start collecting crumbles, then cockroaches and finally switch to chairs and visitors. Deftly move between numerous rooms eating everything you see. Beware of sharp items, cars, people and anything that can hurt your character. The cat’s appetite is insatiable! When he’s hungry (and he is most of the time), he can eat even a car. But first he needs to reach a sufficient size. You should swiftly explore various locations, collect food and grow in size. Only after swallowing every single piece of food on a level you can proceed further. Earn points, unlock new levels and characters. And of course enjoy your meal!