Roblox Adopt Me

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Welcome to a hospitable and picturesque cubic city inhabited by happy families! Here you can become any character to your liking and build your own home filled with kids and pets. It’s enough to choose an avatar and set out to search for a child you can adopt! Proper candidates can be found in the Nursery or simply walking down the street. Note that you can only have two kids, so you’d better choose well! Once the family is complete, a real fun starts.

To become a good parent, you need to take care of your little one. Every child has needs that pop up above their heads telling you what you have to do. If the kid is hungry, you need to either cook some food or go to the nearest cafe. If they are sleepy, you must put them to bed. And of course don’t forget that every kid needs to have proper education and go to school! To improve their grades, you have to check the homework and buy more advanced textbooks.

What if the child is bored? There are plenty of things you can do together to have fun! For instance, play games or throw a pool party. The city is full of locations providing all sorts of entertainments. You can go to the cinema, set up a picnic in the park, play football on the field. It will also be a great experience to make friends with other families and spend time together. If everyone is happy and satisfied, all characters from the same house will get points that can be spent on buying a lot of fabulous clothes, furniture and other amazing things!