Planet Coaster

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If you always dreamed of opening your own amusement park, this game is just for you! Planet Coaster gives you an opportunity to create a virtual park full of entertainments and make it the most visited spot in the city. Start your own project from scratch designing it according to your own vision down to the smallest details. Observe your visitors, keep track of their desires and surprise them! The game features three modes: sandbox, trial and career. In sandbox, you need to build your own theme park on an empty piece of land without any limits. The trial mode is much the same, but here you are limited in finances, available rides and stands that you need to unlock in the process of expanding your park. In the career mode you are given an incomplete park and tasked with various missions like gathering a certain amount of money or building a certain ride. Accomplishing those tasks brings you additional income and more opportunities in evolving your project. Will you be able to cope with all of them? We have no doubts your park will be just awesome!