Party Animals

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We bet that you love kittens, dogs, and other cute creatures! Do you? Well, then the time has come to meet them in a new light. This game, Party Animals, will bring you in the middle of the animal mayhem, where adorable and cuddly creatures are fighting each other to get a treat. They look cute, but don’t you think that they are harmless – whenever someone wants to take away their sweets, these guys go totally crazy. Grab the stick or other weapon and get ready to face numerous rivals on the arena. The battle for sweets is waiting for you, furry soldier!
You are welcome to grab the free version of the game and play it online right here. Players are welcome to start having fun on this page – we have prepared a free and unblocked version of Party Animals for them. Start your adventure into the furry world of cute violence, gummy bears, and numerous real players trying to compete with you. The game features an online multiplayer for you and your buddies as well as an offline version to enjoy. You are welcome to choose any animal from the list of offered characters and enjoy the soft furry madness with your buddies. The game provides a hundred of different ways to mess around, so the real party is guaranteed!