Minecraft Earth

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All popular games are gaining a new look these days. This is because the technology doesn’t stand and entertainment is one of the most popular sphere of its application. So welcome the new Minecraft title, where the world of pixels and our habitual one unite. Developers promised to do that for a pretty long time and now we are happy to inform you that the famous creative sandbox for mobile devices goes VR and we have a free playable version uploaded to our website. To experience the magical mixture of two universes, it is enough to point the smartphone camera at any spot of the real world in order to see the augmented reality there with the Minecraft buildings. Yes, it is that simple – you switch your camera on, move your hand and see a game character or an object just like it is situated on the street. As for the rest, all the best Minecraft traditions are safe: there is a usual gameplay in which you can explore the world around us, collect resources and mobs, and of course build your own buildings. You can create buildings on a smaller scale at first (for example, on a cafeteria table), and then you may carry them out for everyone to see at full scale. The building will automatically grow when you locate it on a bigger surface, so your possibilities are incredible. You can play both independently and in a team with like-minded people.

You will see how Minecraft is rapidly changing over years of its existence and will be surprised to find out that the graphics in the new game are pretty nice. The designers worked well with color palette and now your eye will be totally pleased by the variety of colors and their choice. Also, the graphics become more detailed and high-quality without ruining the real charm of Minecraft world – its pixel style. This is amazing how the designers managed to find a perfect balance between a habitual graphics adored by us and new opportunities opened by AR technologies.