Little Nightmares 2

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A tiny girl in a bright yellow raincoat wakes up in a suitcase from a nightmare. And it turns out that reality is no better: the heroine is locked in a giant iron basement, dark and dirty, crossed by humming pipes and littered with dusty boxes. What kind of place is it? However, this question worries her least of all. The girl is hungry and wants to go home.

This is how Little Nightmares 2 begins. The developers say the idea was born from two completely different concepts: a dollhouse and a nasty feast. Merged together, these ideas gave birth to the Maw – a mysterious, eerie and disgusting place where the main character is trapped. It looks like a mix of a prison, hellish kitchen and the interior of the long-abandoned Titanic. The distant hum of powerful engines can be heard from somewhere, and drops of dirty water are falling from the ceiling. Every now and then comes an echo of moaning and howling.

These are monsters surrounding the girl. The most harmless of them are leeches – they will only strangle if they catch up. Huge clumsy twin cooks will send the heroine to be butchered, and the long-armed watchman, at best, will put her in a cage next to other lifeless specimens of his collection. You have to sneak past them, and at these moments Sixth moves on tiptoe. And there is still a meeting with the Mistress ahead!

On each small section of the path, there are different tasks waiting for you: escaping from pursuit, deceiving enemies, or simply finding a way out. There are no hints as to how to solve the puzzles – you have to figure it out on your own. Almost all objects are interactive, so use your ingenuity to figure out how to use them to become an inch closer to escaping the Maw!