Little Misfortune 2

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The developers did their best to create a really unique atmosphere, combining childhood dreams, fears, and fantasies with the adult world of global ideas and values we all have to deal with during our lives. The combination is striking and well-thought, so if you believe that a good game is a good narration, them Little Misfortune is a title for you.

The dead animals you can dig out of the graves, strange creatures that talk to you using mysterious language, dark woods, and distant gift – happiness. The girl has no doubts that she will get it in the end, but what is it? Does she even know what eternal happiness means to her? On her way, Little Misfortune will meet a lot of things to discover and they will make her grow up a bit. What is more, not only she will meet monsters, but also she will fall in love at some point. So the story is literally flourishing with interesting moments and unexpected turns. You will definitely love playing this a bit frightening but super-adorable game.